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"This might be the greatest gift I've ever been given.

I'm on a freakin' Billboard in Times Square!!!"

Fordy Jones


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This is a once in a lifetime gift to yourself or a loved one.  Space that used to be reserved for larger than life Super models and million dollar brands is now open for you to use however you’d like.  What will you do!?

I embarrassed my boyfriend beyond belief with this Billboard.  The look on his face was priceless when I sent him the photo.  It got more likes on Instagram than I’ve ever had!

 -Lindsey, Phoenix AZ


“My Parents were thrilled when I got them this for their Anniversary.  They framed the picture and it’s now hanging over our fireplace.  Proof that I’m their favorite child! :)”

-Sandra, Las Vegas NV


“I can’t believe this is a real thing.  I’ve put up about 10 photos already.  I humiliated my friend for losing in Fantasy Football and then made something beautiful for my girlfriend for our anniversary the next day.  This Billboard is great for everything!”

 -Jay, Bismark ND


About "Share Times Square"

We are a group of New Yorkers who believe that Times Square can be so much more than a place to just sell you things…

Times Square is without a doubt one of the most iconic places in the world and as kids, we remember walking around and getting the feeling that it was all so much larger than life.  As we became older we realized that all of the big flashy signs were all just trying to convince you to buy things you didn’t need. 

We are determined to make Times Square a place where everyday people can share messages of love and hope.  We want to take this beloved place out of the hands of corporations and give anyone, with big things to say, the platform to do just that.  

Share Times Square is a proud supporter of the NY Department of Tourism